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I’m going to tell you a little story. This happened to Mr. Mai at the very beginning of the summer.

Mr. Mai was in Mykonos to take some time off and relax at the beach. As usual he was looking really classy in his Nanga Mai linen shirt, sitting on the terrace of a small, cozy restaurant. Simply enjoying a glass of wine (until here all very normal). But as in every good story, suddenly she appeared, dazzling, elegant, attractive … How not to fall in love ?

Time passed and Mr. Mai did not dare to approach, it was true love at first sight. That’s something that had never happened to him, he is usually quite outgoing, but this time everything was different, for hours he was stunned, watching, appreciating every angle, It was perfect !

Finally Mr.Mai decided to step forward, taking courage he walked down the terrace and headed towards the shore. But by the time he reached the point nobody was there. He could not believe it, he missed his chance!

One side was made of linen so the sand did not stick, and the other side was made of spongy cotton, comfortable and practical for when you come out of the sea. It was real love. He never saw it again, so he designed his own two-sided beach blankets with his Nanga Mai linen.

Ah! What did you think he had fallen in love with? If you want to feel the same love our dear MR. Mai felt then you are in the right place: you can shop online now our luxury beach blankets available in 3 different colours. You know what they say, love does not understand colours. #LoveIsLove

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