Gatsby Boater Hat



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Do you know the story of Great Gatsby?

Mr. Mai is passionate about this character.  So much that he tried to capture the whole life of a person in a straw and linen summer hat. Curious, don’t you think?

We assisted in this process, and it was complex. Endowing characteristics like strength, class and style into what is supposedly just a simple summer hat to wear at a boat party isn’t easy.

Summer may sound abstract at first glance. In fact we were at first quite lost with this concept, but after long hours of brainstorming, prototyping and tests at beach parties (yes…) we ended up with a beautiful boater hat design.

The Gatsby Boater Hat is light but sturdy thanks to its tight arrange of knitted organic straw. And, of course, made to match your Nanga Mai linen shirt thanks to a stylish band of linen running around the hat’s top crown. Do you own a hat as part of your summer outfit?

For some reasons you either love it or hate it. We love it of course! Each of these bands is made out of excess material resulting from the manufacturing process. In Rome, our local artisans collect the pieces of linen that would been wasted when crafting our linen shirts.. This is the Gatsby Boater Hat. A strong character, an eco friendly soul and a tasteful Italian style.

Choose your favorite colour to match your Nanga Mai linen outfit. You can shop now our summer hat in 3 different colours: Como Navy (dark blue), Ionian Wave (light blue) and Carrara White (white). Take a look at our instagram for inspiration on how to wear a Boater Hat.

You can wear it while sunbathing, walking by the shore, by the pool or even sailing on that famous boat party. After all, as the Great Gatsby says “A little party never killed nobody”.

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