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Once upon a time, in the region of Kashmir, India, a new type of garment was invented, a very fine type of cashmere wool. The material was so soft at the touch that the local people called it “Pashmina” meaning literally “Soft Gold”. Pashmina is a fine type of cashmere wool. In modern times this material has become the first choice for luxury scarves, to wear both in summer and winter. Reason why today, cashmere scarves are called Pashminas.

When we first wove our finest linen, from linen strings so thin that we had to weave the garment at a fraction of the speed to avoid breaking the fibres, we were amazed by the result. The smoothest, softest, lightest linen we have ever felt in our hands. Of course we cannot make shirts from such a delicate garment, but this premium linen is perfect for luxury scarves.

This is why we called them “Linen Pashminas”: Italian premium scarves made of such a superior linen that it feels like cashmere. And guess what: linen is naturally one of the most sustainable and eco friendly garment in the whole eco fashion industry.

How to wear a Linen Pashmina?

Due to their size and lightness our Linen Pashminas are very versatile and can be worn in many ways.  For example, you can wrap your pashmina loosely above your shoulders, or you can tie a knot in your pashmina just below the neck as you would with a scarf in winter. But you can also tie your hair back with your pashmina, or wear it as a shawl. You can also make your pashmina into a chic cape, or tie it into a stylish belt, or even wrap it as a scarf.

You can shop now your favorite Linen Pashmina online, there are 10 Nanga Mai colours available this season: Amalfi Lemon (yellow), Caprera Coral (magenta), Elba Mauve (purple), Siena Earth (beige), Syracusan Sunset (orange), Etna Black (dark grey with a touch of brown), Como Navy (dark blue), Ionian Wave (light blue), Verona Rose (pink), and Carrara White (white).

Long live Linen Pashminas !

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