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sizes guide

BOREALE - sizes guide

  • CM
  • inches
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • (A)
  • 67 26,3
  • 69 27,2
  • 69 27,2
  • 70 27,5
  • (B)
  • 83 32,6
  • 85 33,4
  • 85 33,4
  • 86 33,8
  • (C)
  • 42 16,5
  • 46 18,1
  • 50 19,6
  • 54 21,2
  • (D)
  • 38 14,9
  • 42 16,5
  • 46 18,1
  • 50 19,6
A = Front Length
B = Back Length
C = Chest
D = Waist

Boreale is what to wear at a classy cocktail bar aperitif by the beach.
Its simple, streamlined curves drawn by our Italian designers in Rome focussed on shaping the most essential design that would make our Italian linen stand out. The result is a long, comfortable linen shirt, tapered to fit the sensual feminine shapes and honor the subtle simplicity of a tasteful Italian summer outfit for sophisticated women.

More than a womens luxury linen shirt, the Boreale shirt can be regarded as a staple of Italian style for both casual and elegant summer occasions.
Comfortable bell shaped sleeves without clumsy cuffs. A fine skirt-like appearance at the hips with a tail cut running down the back of the thighs for a relaxed easy fit and an elegant classy look.


If you are familiar with Nanga Mai values and origins you will know that Nanga Mai was born in Italy, as experts in linen, to make sustainable shirts that would contribute in the eco fashion world by raising people’s environmental awareness. All of our women’s luxury summer shirts use only our 100% linen, woven in Northern Italy. Each linen shirt is then handmade in Rome by a group of small local craftsmen specialised in high quality women’s  shirts and high fashion couture.


Nanga Mai linen clothing belongs to the family of eco friendly clothing and the company is a great supporter of ethical fashion brands. Our linen is tough, strong and ruvid at first sight but surprisingly lightweight, fresh and soft once worn. When it comes to linen we are the experts. Nanga Mai linen is made with a lot of love and care for premium quality and respect for the environment.

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