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sizes guide

LEVANTE - sizes guide

  • CM
  • inches
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • XL
  • (A)
  • 55 21,6
  • 57 22,4
  • 57 22,4
  • 58 22,8
  • (B)
  • 58 22,8
  • 60 23,6
  • 60 23,6
  • 61 24,0
  • (C)
  • 42 16,5
  • 46 18,1
  • 48 18,9
  • 52 20,5
A = Front Length
B = Back Length
C = Chest

How can you look elegant and sexy at the same time?
We think that today’s tops have lost their class, becoming often far too provocative. The purpose of Levante linen top is to bring back the subtle elegance of good tastes to summer beach wear, while maintaining the deserved sensuality that every women outfit should have.

Featuring a hand stitched plissé on a wide front tapered collar which gives a discerned touch of distinction. And on the B-side the linen top folds into a seductive open back shape that ties behind the neck with two linen buttons called Nanga Mai buttons. You can shop online this linen top in 4 colours: Verona Rose (pink), Siena Earth (beige), Ionian Wave (light blue), and Carrara White (white).

The two Nanga Mai buttons at the back of Levante are handmade from a strip of linen. To make these unique buttons we use the excess linen coming from the cutting process of the linen shirt. By doing so we reduce wastes, but note that this is only possible because each step of the manufacturing process of Nanga Mai shirts is entirely made by hand.

Nanga Mai linen shirts are shipped in their sustainable packaging: a beautiful eco friendly jute bag with bamboo handles that can be reused as a convenient handbag for a day at the beach. Plus it makes for a very original presentation for a present!

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